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Special Instructions for Ordering during COVID-19

We will continue to offer chickens for sale through COVID-19, as agriculture is an essential business. Every Thursday, baby chicks and older chicks available will be listed for sale on the website promptly at 5:00 pm. 


We recommend the following preparations:​

  1. Preview what breeds of baby chicks will be available using our Anticipated Baby Chick Calendar. For a list of breeds that may be aging up to the Coop-Ready age group, look for the breeds that hatched 6 weeks ago.

  2. Research the breeds available using our Breeds Index. Create a list of your preferred breeds and alternatives in case they do not hatch or they sell out. 

  3. For detailed instructions on selecting your pick-up location, or home delivery and pricing, please read about Delivery and Pick up. 

  4. For the best selection of breeds available, be prepared to place your order promptly at 5:00 pm when they are listed by navigating to the Chickens category of our online store. Select breeds and ages may sell out within 10-30 minutes. 

  5. You'll need to confirm you have the necessary supplies before your chickens are released to you. The below checklists of poultry supplies are recommended for raising chickens based on their age. If you do not have these items and you're receiving delivery or picking up from our farm, you may purchase them online to be received with your chicks. If you're picking up your order from a local feed store, we recommend supporting your local feed store by purchasing the items there. We will hold your order for you while you make your purchase in-store. 

Baby Chicks Need:  Brooder Box  Bedding  Chick Feeder  Chick Waterer  Baby Chick Feed  Heat Lamp


Feathered Chickens Need:  Chicken Coop  Bedding  Poultry Feeder  Poultry Waterer  Chicken Feed

During pick-up, we appreciate it if you honor recommended social distancing guidelines. 

Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are up to 2 weeks old when sold, and should be kept in a brooder until they become coop-ready. 

Coop-Ready Chickens

Chickens become coop ready between 6-10 weeks old, and can go outside to a chicken coop with no supplemental heat. 

Started Pullets

Started pullets are nearly fully mature between 11-19 weeks old and can hold their own with an existing flock of birds. 

Point of Lay Hens

Point of lay hens are fully grown and, depending on the breed, are either ready to lay immediately or within one to two months. 


Roosters are a healthy addition to flocks that are free-range, and will do their best to hep protect the hens. 

Choose In-Store Pick-Up

Pick-Up available by appointment only. Select your pick-up time during checkout. 

Appointment Availability

(Subject to Change) ​


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please bring a pet carrier, poultry crate, or ventilated cardboard box with bedding or a liner to transport your chickens home in. Hand warmers can be used to keep baby chicks warm. Feed and water should be provided immediately upon arriving home.

Due to our strict biosecurity protocols, customers are not granted access to the barn to view or pick out chickens. We will collect your order and bring it to you. Chickens are selected to fill your order based on breed, sex, and health.

Or Delivery

White Glove - Home Delivery available in select areas. Delivery charge and handling fees apply. A two hour estimated time of delivery is provided the day before delivery.

Local Feed Store Pick-Up available in select areas. Handling fees apply. A 2-3 hour pick-up window is provided. Please bring a pet carrier, poultry crate, or ventilated cardboard box to transport your chickens home in with some type of lining or bedding. Hand warmers can be used to keep baby chicks warm for longer distances. Feed and water should be provided immediately upon arriving home.

Minimum order of 2 chickens.

Learn more about our delivery zones, schedule, and policies by clicking below. 


Helpful Information

We guarantee our sexed chickens! If you purchase a sexed female chicken from us and it happens to be a rooster by accident, we will replace him for you with a hen at no charge. We also guarantee the health of our chickens. They are vaccinated for Marek's and raised in a biosecure environment to ensure their optimal health.

Take a peek at our reviews and see what our customers have to say about the quality of our chickens, our customer service, our delivery service, and more. Please also feel free to head back here after you receive your order to let us know how you think we did. We appreciate your feedback!

Browse our breeds index to learn more information and see pictures of different chicken breeds including history, personality, egg color, and egg laying ability. 

Take a look through our forum to browse other member questions and answers, or become a member to share your own stories, questions, and 

Read our frequently asked questions about chicken care, integrating new chickens, ordering and purchases, and our hand delivery service.  

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