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Backyard Chickens


For Companionship & Egg Laying

Backyard chickens enjoy human interaction and lay a beautiful egg about once each day that packs more nutrients and flavor than any other eggs. Our chicks are sourced from the best nationwide hatcheries, vaccinated for Marek's Disease, and raised in a low-stress and biosecure environment. Your online order will be fulfilled by our farmers who select your chickens using a 5-point inspection for the breed, age, sex, and wellness. We guarantee the health and sex of your birds with our Healthy Hen Guarantee. 

All chickens sold by Dare 2 Dream Farms are sourced from NPIP Certified Hatcheries and are: 

  • H5/H7 Avian Avian Influenza Clean

  • Salmonella Monitored

  • Pullorum-Typhoid Clean

Choose Your Chickens

Select from days-old chicks in an indoor brooder, young coop-ready chickens that can go directly into an outside coop, or pullets and adult chickens that are closer to maturity and egg laying. You may choose a variety of breeds or stick to one or two, but we recommend ordering only from one age group to encourage harmony in the flock. All chickens are sold as sexed females unless explicitly listed as roosters or unsexed chickens.

Be sure you select the proper supplies to care for the age of the chickens you select. 



Baby chicks are up to 2 weeks old when sold, and should be kept in a brooder until they become coop-ready. 

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Chickens become coop ready between 6-10 weeks old, and can go outside to a chicken coop with no supplemental heat. 

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Started pullets are between 12-17 weeks old, and should be able to hold their own with an existing flock of chickens.



Adult chickens are fully grown at 18 weeks old and, depending on the breed and time of year, will lay within just a few short months. 

Purchase Online, then...

Choose In-Store Pick-Up

Order Pick-Up is available by appointment only. Select your pick-up time during checkout. 

Please bring a pet carrier, poultry crate, or ventilated cardboard box with bedding or a liner to transport your chickens home in. Hand warmers can be used to keep baby chicks warm. Feed and water should be provided immediately upon arriving home.

Due to our strict biosecurity protocols, customers cannot access the barn to view or pick out chickens. We will collect your order and bring it to you. Chickens are selected to fill your order based on breed, sex, and health.

Or Local Delivery

Local Delivery available in select areas. Delivery charges and handling fees apply. A two-hour estimated time of delivery is provided the day before delivery.

Local Feed Store Pick-Up is available in select areas. A 2-3 hour pick-up window is provided. Please bring a pet carrier, poultry crate, or ventilated cardboard box to transport your chickens home in with some type of lining or bedding. Hand warmers can be used to keep baby chicks warm for longer distances. Feed and water should be provided immediately upon arriving home.

Hepful Information

Helpful Information


We guarantee our sexed chickens! If you purchase a sexed female chicken from us and it happens to be a rooster by accident, we will replace him for you with a hen at no charge. We also guarantee the health of our chickens. They are vaccinated for Marek's and raised in a biosecure environment to ensure their optimal health.

Browse our breeds index to learn more information and see pictures of different chicken breeds, including history, personality, egg color, and egg-laying ability. 

Sign up for a number backyard chickens classes with Megan Raff, owner of Dare 2 Dream Farms.

Read our frequently asked questions about chicken care, integrating new chickens, ordering and purchases, and our hand delivery service.  

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