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Handcrafted Chicken Coops

Bear proof custom chicken coop by Dare 2 Dream Farms with Barnwood siding and blue trim, Montecito, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaBear proof custom chicken coop by Dare 2 Dream Farms with Barnwood siding and blue trim, Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, Image by Danielle Honea

the ultimate standard of comfort and protection

Bear proof custom chicken coop by Dare 2 Dream Farms with Barnwood siding and blue trim, Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, Image by Danielle Honea

Custom Chicken Coops

We build custom coops for larger estates, special flock sizes, or specific agricultural applications. We have worked with renowned designers and household names across the state.

Weathertop Chicken Coop Pop Out Nesting Box opened by Megan Raff Dare 2 Dream Farms Owner Image by Danielle Honea

Built to Order Coops

Our line of backyad chicken coops are handcrafted, and made to order for each customer. Our lumber is sourced from a renewable local farm in California, and they are built to last. 

hardware cloth on redwood chicken coop by Dare 2 Dream Farms

Why Dare 2 Dream?

Built for Safety

​Hardware Cloth (1/2 inch) is used for a clean look, to keep predators from reaching or tearing through, and to resist rodents and other pests. The wire is used all around the sides and the top of the run, as well as over ventilation holes and windows. 

Premium Hardware (latches, hinges) will not deteriorate in the first few years like our competitors' coops. This hardware is also used to prevent predators like raccoons from breaking and entering. 

Premium hardware, latch, on Dare 2 Dream Farms coop door
Dare 2 Dream Farms redwood Weathertop Chicken Coop with run for sale

Easy to Clean

Sanitation is the first and best trick to keeping a healthy flock. Here's why our coops are easier to keep clean than others.

Large Coop Doors provide easy access to simply sweep out and remove soiled pine shavings or litter. 

Removable Roosts make it easy to clean inside the coop, and allow you to pull out the roosts for sanitizing too!

Linoleum Flooring is easy to wipe down and sanitize when cleaning the coop.


No Poop Trays: A poop tray is a gimmicky feature that is usually more difficult to clean. Trays deep enough to hold litter are cumbersome and difficult to handle. Lightweight trays become crusted in poop that is tough to clean, smelly and attracts flies.

Dare 2 Dream Farms Weathertop chicken coop pop out redwood nesting box secured lid

Highest Humane Standard

Chickens health and happiness are best cared for with sufficient space, and coop features that encourage natural behavior. 

Humane Sizing: We recommend approximately 10 square feet per chicken. Our coops are rated for a lower and more reasonable number of chickens than our competitors to give them space and relieve stress.

Real Roosts allow your chickens to perch higher off the ground and will make your chickens feel safe.

Fully secured nesting boxes give a safe cozy space for egg laying and prevent animals from forcing their way through flimsy flooring or lids. 

Large windows and ventilation holes provide ample ventilation and natural light for chickens. 

linoleum floor and 2x2 roost in spacious Dare 2 Dream Farms Weathertop Chicken Coop for sale

What to expect

Ready to get started? Here's what to expect for timing, delivery, installation, and cancellation.

Using a chop saw in Dare 2 Dream Farms workshop for building coops Image by Danielle Honea

Lead Time

Our coops are built to order and have a lead time of 2-6 weeks, depending on the size, materials, location, and other determining factors. 

Installation can take between 1-4 hours.

Barred Plymouth Rock chicken Image by Danielle Honea

Adding Chickens & Supplies

We are able to deliver chickens and poultry supplies along with the coop. Please notify our customer service team that you would like to add your order of chickens to the delivery. Orders are subject to availability at the time of the coop installation, not at the time the coop is purchased.

Dare 2 Dream Farms delivery van driving in Lompoc, California Image by Danielle Honea

Delivery & Installation

You may choose installation or do it yourself. Installation is done by our team and takes approximately 1-4 hours. We will contact you to schedule your deliery time in advance.

Behr Premium Paint can with brush Image by Danielle Honea

Not Ready?

If you're unable to meet the installation requirements, please notify us before your scheduled delivery. The installation team is not responsible for site modification, removing old coops, or landscaping without advanced notice. If the site is not ready, the coop will not be installed. An additional installation fee will apply if a return visit is required to finish the construction of the coop.

Builder checking level on custom chicken coop installation by Dare 2 Dream Farms Image by Danielle Honea

Installation Requirements

Prior to the delivery:

  1. The installation site must be chosen.

  2. The ground must be flat AND level.

  3. The pathway to the installation site must be free of obstructions and maintain a minimum 30" wide clearance at all times. 

Dare 2 Dream Farms owner Megan Raff and dog Conner in front of Weathertop chicken coop Black and White Image by Danielle Honea


Orders for standard chicken coops may be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours. After 48 hours, a variable fee for cancellation will be deducted from the amount of the refund based on the progress of coop construction. 

We do not accept cancellations for custom chicken coop orders. 

What people are saying...


I couldn't be more pleased.  Our chicken coop was delivered and set up by Jeremy and Chris.  It surpassed my expectation and was, indeed, worth the price.  Solid wood construction.  Heavy duty hardware and painted in a very appealing two tone that really contributes to my back yard's ambiance. I highly recommend this method of securing a durable, secure and attractive coop.  They are made by decent and honest people who you can trust.


I purchased a chicken coop from Dare2dream in March 2018.  The staff was very professional and they were on time when they delivered my coop.  I was very happy once it was put together, it's now 4 months later and I'm still very pleased with my coop.
Thanks Dare 2 Dream Farms.


I am over the moon with my new chicken coop! The team at Dare 2 Dream Farms are amazing!!
They gave me great advice and I was able to find the perfect coop for my back yard. They came and installed it very quickly! The best part is that if I move or decide I want my coop in another place I can dismantle it by panel and easily move it somewhere else! If only they gave lessons to my girls on how to use a coop... But they are slowly getting the idea!
Thank you so much Dare 2 Dream Farms!!!

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