All-Natural Produce

CSA Memberships


Join our Community Supported Agriculture Membership Program to get freshly harvested local veggies each week. Choose from add-ons including our fresh pastured eggs, farm breads, and dairy products. 

Choose home delivery for $5, or select the pick up location nearest you. Receive weekly newsletters with recipe ideas, recommendations for storing and preparing produce, updates on the farm, and news for upcoming harvests.

The Farm Stand

11:00AM - DUSK

Come out to the farm to see where your food grows, and pick up fresh Dare 2 Dream Farms produce, free-range chicken and duck eggs, and dairy products from our mini-Nubian goats. You can also find homemade items such as natural body products, canned and dried goods, and smudge sticks; farm decor made by our workshop; and veggie starts or other plants.

Please bring cash or check to pay using our Honor System Cash Box.

How We Grow

Our single acre of produce is grown in hand formed beds, pesticide and herbicide free. The garden beds are inoculated with mycelium and our farm's own compost to  support the natural habitat of beneficial insects, fungi, and bacterias that release necessary nutrients to the soil. Flowers and herbs are used to deter destructive insect populations, and attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. Our WWOOF-USA Interns help design and manage the garden under the owner each season to continue education about the art of growing food. We carefully select our GMO-free seeds, and then the garden is sown, weeded, and harvested by hand to bring the best flavors and varieties of seasonal produce to you, our Lompoc neighbors. 

Your guide to crops we grow for the CSA and Farm Stand including pictures and helpful tips on how to store them, how to prepare them, and recipes to enjoy them in. Plus information on their growing season, health benefits, and more. 

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