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Dare 2 Dream Farm Stand Lompoc

The Farm Stand

Where can you find us?

The Farm Stand | Original

890 LaSalle Canyon Road

Lompoc. California

10:00AM - DUSK

Pick up farm-fresh foods, have a peek at your farmers in action, spot our free-range animals, and take a deep breath of fresh air. 

We accept cash or check if you pay here using our Honor System Cash Box, or Venmo @d2dfarm.

Route 1 Farmers Market

3745 Constellation Rd,

Lompoc, California

10:00AM - 2:00PM

Find your food, mingle with your community, and meet your farmers and other local food and craft artisans from Lompoc. Here you'll find veggies, fruits, baked goods, natural body products, fresh juices, food trucks, and activities for kids.

We accept cash or credit card, and Route 1 Farmers Market can also facilitate the use of EBT Funds.

What you'll find

Farm fresh produce veggies fruit Image by Danielle Honea

Fruits and Vegetables

Leafy greens, salad ingredients, dinner vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, melons, berries, and stone fruit.

Compost Image by Gabriel Jimenez


Get started growing your own plants with locally made compost fro Dare 2 Dream Farms chickens.

Dare 2 Dream Farms hats sweatshirts Image by Danielle Honea


T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, gift baskets, and locally-crafted items such as natural body products.

Raw cow milk in half gallon ball jars Dare 2 Dream Farms hats sweatshirts Image by Danielle Honea

Dairy Products

Jersey cows provide us with whole, raw milk. Subscriptions available. Please contact us for details.

Potted plant starts for gardening Image by Danielle Honea


Potted succulents and seed starts such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and more depending on the season.

Pantry items sandwich bread honey firewood Image by Danielle Honea

Pantry Items

Honey, preserves, pickles, and other locally sourced goods such as hummus, pita, and caramels.

Firewood Image by Andreas Pajuvirta


Kindling and firewood from our farm and other locally sourced farms.

multicolored eggs from pastured chickens lompoc Dare 2 Dream Farms hats sweatshirts Image by Danielle Honea

Free-Range Eggs

Multi-colored eggs from pastured chickens and ducks, subject to seasonal availability. 

How we grow


All Natural

Our single acre of produce is grown in hand-formed beds, GMO-free, pesticide-free, and herbicide-free. The garden beds are inoculated with mycelium and our farm's chicken manure compost to support the natural habitat of beneficial insects, fungi, and bacterias that release necessary nutrients to the soil.

With Beneficial Insects & Plants

Flowers and herbs are used to deter destructive insect populations and attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. We also release ladybugs, green lacewings, and other good bugs to further eliminate the bad bugs from our crops. 

C53B3977 - USED.jpg

Teaching through WWOOF-USA

Our WWOOF-USA Interns help with bed preparation, insect and weed management, planting and harvesting each season to continue education about the art of growing food.

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