Raising Baby Chicks for Beginners, Part 1: Gathering the right supplies and tools

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Raising baby chicks is a joyful and rewarding experience and uniquely magical for children. Chickens are naturally sociable animals and enjoy human interaction, and as chicks, they are curious and loving. Although baby chicks don't imprint on humans (take you as their mother) as ducklings do, they are remarkably easy to bond with when they're raised by you from a young age. Spending quiet time with them and providing them with a stress-free and healthy living environment will also encourage their friendliness. Well cared for chickens will look to be with their human family often. They run to greet you when you enter the yard, or peck at the back door for your attention.

What supplies you'll need

If possible, purchase the supplies you need before you get your chickens so you have the opportunity to set up your brooder system and make sure it works properly. Your collection of supplies should look something like this:

The first thing you'll need is a chick brooder. This can be as simple as a large cardboard box, but it can also be made from items you might have hanging about: large plastic storage containers, empty fish tanks, or livestock watering troughs. It's also possible to make a simple DIY chick brooder with inexpensive 2x2 framing, plywood, and a handful of nails. It doesn't have to be elegant. It just has to keep the heat and the chicks in.

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