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Kettman: Lompoc's Dare 2 Dream Farms Sees Massive Uptick in People Buying Baby Chicks

The COVID-19 outbreak is triggering waves of creative food production and distribution across the country. From gardening and canning projects to signing up for produce, seafood, and meat delivery services, there’s never been a better time to solidify your edible resources.

For those who have the space, which can simply be a small yard, raising chickens for eggs is another step in the direction of DIY food security. Demand for baby chicks is way up at Dare 2 Dreams, located just west of Lompoc. There’s been a fivefold increase in the family-owned farm’s chick business, and they sold 600 birds in 13 minutes on one April night alone.

The farm’s co-owner, Megan Raff, explained a little about the business and what chicken raising entails last week.

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