Our Guarantee

All chickens are vaccinated for Marek's disease. This is done in ovo, or prior to hatching, the most successful way to vaccinate chickens.

All standard, full size breeds are sexed at hatch using a vent-sexing technique which is approximately 90-95% accurate depending on the breed. Bantams and crested breeds are not sexed.  

Chickens originally purchased as sexed female chickens from Dare 2 Dream Farms are guaranteed to be hens. If a chicken originally purchased from Dare 2 Dream Farms as a sexed female turns out to be a male, we will accept a return for the rooster, and replace him with a hen matching the rooster's age or breed as close as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we will have the same breed or age available for the exchange. If the available hens are not suitable to be introduced to the existing flock, or an exchange is not suitable at that time, a store credit in the amount of your original purchase will be offered towards a future purchase.

Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges

If the original purchase was delivered, the rooster will be picked up and exchanged and the delivery fee will be waived. If the original purchase was made at Dare 2 Dream Farms, the exchange must also be made at the farm; otherwise, delivery of the replacement will be assessed a delivery fee (Click here for details). We will have to verify your purchase of the original chicken prior to authorizing the exchange.


Bantam chickens and other rare breeds that are not guaranteed to be hens will be noted as such in our listing. Roosters of these breeds that are purchased from our farm may be returned to our farm if they cannot be kept. Alternatively, they can also be picked up for a delivery fee (Click here for details).


DEATH: Deaths of chickens reported within three days of purchase will be replaced at no charge, or a refund may be requested for the original amount of the chicken purchased not including the delivery fee. If the original purchase was delivered, the replacement will also be delivered at no charge. If the purchase was made at the farm, the replacement must also be picked up at the farm; or it may be delivered for a delivery fee (Click here for details).


ILLNESSES: Chickens reported to be ill within one week of purchase can be exchanged for healthy chickens of the same value, or returned for a full refund. If the original purchase was delivered, the chickens will be exchanged or picked up at no charge at the original delivery location. If the original purchase was made at the farm, the chickens must be returned to the farm for an exchange or return. Depending on the customer's location, the chickens can be picked up for a return at no extra cost upon verification that the chickens are sick. If the chickens are not sick, a delivery fee (Click here for details) will be assessed. Dare 2 Dream Farms will replace or refund the original purchase within one week of the report of sick chickens. We are not responsible for veterinary bills incurred.


RETURNS, REFUNDS, AND EXCHANGES: If you are unable to keep the chickens you’ve purchased from Dare 2 Dream Farms they may be returned within 6 months. However, due to biosecurity, it is not possible for us to restock and resell those chickens. Therefore, we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds for your original purchase. Requests to pick up chickens for a return are subject to the applicable delivery fee for your area.


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