Weathertop Chicken Coop (Large - 4ft x 6ft)

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**Dare 2 Dream Farms coops are built to order. Lead times are approximately 4-6 weeks at this time.The intended installation site must be flat and level prior to delivery, and the pathway to the installation site must be free of any obstructions and have a minimum of 30" wide clearance at all times. If you're unable to meet these requirements, please notify your customer service representative so the appropriate arrangements can be made. Please Contact Us for an estimated delivery date.**

We handcraft each piece of Redwood into ship lap siding for your coop giving it a rustic and handmade look. The cedar shake roofing is beautiful, and adds to the "old" feel of the coop's design. In addition to their beauty, cedar shake functionality is noteworthy. Cedar is naturally bug-resistant, is excellent for insulation, and is environmentally friendly.

The Weathertop Chicken Coop (Large - 4ft x 6ft) features a set of windows for extra ventilation, a pop door for the chickens that can be opened and closed from outside the run, a raised design allowing for extra shelter from the elements, pop out nesting boxes for easy collecting, and large double doors for easy cleaning.

CHICKEN COOP (4ft x 6ft)

  • Handcrafted in solid redwood framing and handcrafted shiplap siding
  • Hand split Cedar shingle roof
  • Large barn doors for ease of coop maintenance
  • Large window for ventilation, lined with hardware cloth for predator protection
  • Additional decorative circular vents lined with 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth for pest prevention
  • Sliding pop-door for indoor-outdoor chicken access
  • Exterior mounted nesting box with latched door for easy egg collection
  • Two 6' roosts provide plenty of space for up to 12 chickens to sleep and perch
  • Cozy nesting boxes for chickens
  • Premium hardware and hinges to prevent predator intrusion
  • Made by our team of carpenters in Lompoc, California

RUN FEATURES (4ft x 6ft)

  • Handcrafted with solid redwood and 1/2 inch galvanized steel hardware cloth
  • Attaches to the coop to provide secure outdoor roaming area for hens
  • 6' Human height run door for access to feed and water, and easy run maintenance
  • Safety Hasp with carabiner clip to keep predators out
  • Pulley system to easily open and close pop-door for chickens to access the enclosed run

Footprint of Weathertop Chicken Coop Large - 4ft x 6ft

Footprint of Weathertop Chicken Coop Large with Attached Run - 6ft x 8ft

Footprint of Weathertop Chicken Coop Large with Attached Run plus Run Extension - 6ft x 12ft

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