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Starting with young chickens is a wonderful way to create a bond with chickens that will last. Nearly feathered chickens are past their most delicate stage of infancy, but still require a bit of extra care before they can go outside into their coop. It will take nearly-feathered chicks approximately 3-4 months to reach physical maturity, and approximately 4-6 months to begin laying eggs, depending on the breed and the time of year. (All are sexed females unless otherwise noted.)

Nearly-feathered chicks are not quite ready to go outside into the coop and still need some supplemental heat. They should be kept between 75-85 degrees as they continue to grow in the last of the feathers that will keep them insulated. Keep them in a brooder with a heat lamp, clean their space regularly, and check on them often until they are fully feathered and ready to go outside to live in a chicken coop, usually around 6 weeks old.

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Purchase our Brooder Supplies Package and a bag of Chick Starter Crumbles to ensure you have everything you need to keep your new baby chicks healthy.

Breeds and quantities subject to availability. Most baby chicks are sexed females with a 95% success rate with the exception of crested and bantam breeds. For details, please read our Guarantee & Refunds/Exchange Policy.

All chickens sold by Dare 2 Dream Farms are sourced from NPIP Certified Hatcheries and are

  • H5/H7 Avian Influenza Clean
  • Salmonella Monitored
  • Pullorum-Typhoid Clean


There is a minimum order of 2 chickens. For the health and safety of the chickens, chickens should be kept in a flock with other chickens, not alone, and should be integrated in pairs or more in most cases. Dare 2 Dream Farms reserves the right to cancel an order if it does not meet the minimum. For more information, please contact our customer service at 805-735-3233.


A customer service representative will contact you to schedule the date of your delivery. For home delivery, you will receive a second phone or email confirmation between 1-5pm the business day prior to your scheduled delivery with notification of your anticipated 1-2 hour delivery window. For the best chance of next day delivery, please place your order by 12:00pm one business day prior to the scheduled delivery in your area. Delivery is ultimately subject to availability and therefore we cannot guarantee next day delivery.


To cancel your delivery for backyard chickens and receive a full refund, cancellations must be made by 12:00pm one business day prior to your scheduled delivery. For the health and safety of the chickens, as a courtesy to our driver, cancellations made after this deadline are subject to a $35 Cancellation Fee.

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