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Calm, Independent, Intelligent


Recognized Color Varieties


Breed Traits

Although frequently mistaken for Barred Plymouth Rocks because of the similar barred pattern on their feathers, there are easy ways to identify a Dominique. The most notable difference is that the Dominiques have a rose comb as compared to the Barred Rock’s single comb. Dominiques have longer tails, and also stand more upright when compared to the Barred Rock’s deep and stout body conformation. 

If you can imagine Dominiques surviving with American settlers as they moved west, you get a good idea of the birds’ characteristics. They are excellent foragers, outstanding mothers, and very cold hardy. These birds are productive and self-sufficient with a calm and personable disposition.

The egg size in Dominiques has diminished over time as a result of their limited breeding. However, certain flocks still maintain a good medium to large egg size in a light brown color.

Breed History

Dominiques are the original American chicken breed. The breed’s popularity has changed so dramatically since the 1800s that Dominiques have almost become extinct more than once. At one point, there were only four flocks of Dominiques in the entire US. Their most recent resurgence was short-lived because of the onset of economic hardships.

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production

Good: Approx 175-200

Egg Size


Egg Color

Light Brown

Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




American Poultry Association


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