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Calm, Independent, Talkative


Recognized Color Varieties

  • Black

Breed Traits

The Black Australorp is the only color variety recognized in the Australorp breed. They have white skin, a single red comb, and full black feathering that has a lustrous green shine to it. Their legs are black, or slate colored. 

The Australorp's relation to the Black Orpington explains their docile and friendly nature. They are talkative, but not noisy. They are independent, strong, and hardy. They can be excellent mothers, but do not go broody as often as Orpingtons. 


Today Australorps still produce a very high number of eggs per year, and lay well throughout the winter. You can expect your Australorps to give you anywhere between 250 to 300 eggs per year.

Breed History

The Australorp originated in Australia as a cross intended to create a high performance, dual purpose bird. Since Black Orpingtons were used to create the breed, they were originally called Austral Orpingtons, which was abbreviated to Australorps. Their high demand arose after two different findings showed their incredible laying abilities. In one finding, a group of six hens averaged 309 eggs per bird in one year. In another finding one single hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days. However this unnaturally high production was not sustainable, and the birds' productivity has since declined to be simply higher than average. 

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production

Excellent: Approx 250-300

Egg Size


Egg Color

Light Brown

Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




American Poultry Association


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