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The Weathertop Chicken Coop


Each piece of Redwood is sourced sustainably forested Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, CA. We handcraft each piece into ship lap siding for your coop giving it a rustic and handmade look. Each piece of redwood lumber is unique in design and ages wonderfully. The cedar shake roofing is beautiful, and helps add to the "old" feel of the coop's design. In addition to their beauty, cedar shake functionality is noteworthy. Cedar is naturally bug-resistant, is excellent for insulation, and is environmentally friendly.​The Weathertop Coop features a window for extra ventilation, a pop door for the chickens that can be opened and closed from outside the run, a raised design allowing for extra shelter from the elements, pop out nesting boxes for easy collecting, and large double doors for easy cleaning.

Dimensions & Features

Small Coop Footprint: 3' x 5'

Large Coop Footprint: 4' x 6'

Runs (Optional): 3' x 5' up to 6' x 12'

Coop Height: 6' 7"

Standard Run Height: 6' 2"

2 Roosts: 2" x 3" x Coop Length

2-3 Nesting Boxes


  • Solid sustainably forested redwood siding and framing sourced from Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, CA

  • Cedar shake roof

  • Large sized coop and human sized run doors provide for ease of coop maintenance

  • Sliding pop door for chicken access between coop and run, with pulley system to close and open

  • 1/2 inch galvanized hardware cloth to keep pests out will last without rusting or corrosion

  • Premium powder coated hardware and hinges to keep out predators

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