The Telluride Chicken Coop


The Telluride Chicken Coop is a raised coop with an enclosed chicken run underneath. This design makes human access to the coop easy for collecting eggs and cleaning as well as providing chickens with a shaded and protected area to live during the day. Paired with an attached Telluride Chicken run, this coop provides space for up to eight chickens with plenty of space to play and forage.

Dimensions & Features

Coop Footprint: 3' x 5'

Runs (Optional): 3' x 5' up to 3' x 10'

Coop Height: 6' 2"

Standard Run Height: 5'

Human Run Height: 6' 2"

2 Roosts: 2" x 3" x 5'

2 Nesting Boxes


  • Solid pine framing and siding

  • Your choice of Behr Premium Exterior Paints

  • Charcoal composition shingle roof

  • Large doors for ease of coop maintenance

  • Large window for ventilation, lined with hardware cloth for predator protection

  • Exterior mounted nesting box with latched door for easy egg collection

  • Premium hardware and hinges to prevent predator intrusion

  • 1/2 inch hardware cloth for predator protection

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