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May 15, 2020
In Coop Creations
I am totally new to the chicken world but have been considering dedicating a small area of my backyard for a few chickens for some time now. My yard backs to a hill and there are only neighbors to the right and left of my house. They are fine with my idea. Because of the current pandemic situation my local feed store is not carrying chicks. I want to order but get paralysis by analysis every time. I was hoping I could get some guidance and recommendations. My thoughts were to get three maybe four chicks for pets and eggs . I want to be considerate regarding noise from the chickens for my neighbors, I understand some breeds are more apt for smaller space, quieter, Simi Valley can be warm during the day and much cooler in the evening and safety for the chickens so some ideas for set up of coops in backyards would be wonderful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing and able to do any form of instruction/class if any are available if that would help. Thank you very much for any help you can offer.
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