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We're not kidding around- Mini Nubians are GREAT!

Living and farming in close proximity to the Vandenberg Air Force Base launch site means a front row seat to every rocket launch, inviting each person on the farm to stop a moment and shift their gaze from the garden soil upwards. Yesterday was such a day, bringing our community of people together to look up in awe anticipating the roar and the rumble of rockets leaving our earth. Though yesterday's launch was canceled, we couldn't help but reminisce about one launch last summer when no one was looking up-- the day we welcomed our very first litter of baby goats!

After a few months of watching our youngest doe Sophie's belly grow bigger and bigger, everyone on the farm was primed to welcome two little Mini Nubian doelings to add to our herd of dairy goats. Each day we would check in again and again to see if she showed signs of labor. Finally, just hours before the launch on the afternoon of June 25th we noticed both of our does standing on either side of a little black ball squirming around on the dirt. At first it looked like our girls were staring down at a skunk who had climbed into their enclosure, but on closer inspection we realized Sophie had delivered her first kid! It was a sunny summer day and the babies had arrived.

By the time she had delivered all of her kids, every person on the farm had come to welcome the new arrivals. As if to punctuate the event, the rocket scheduled to launch that day shot into the sky moments after the final birth in a grand finale of smoke and sound. After all the excitement it was time to name the new additions to our herd.

Like many dairy goat herders, we ruminated on a naming theme for our new arrivals months before they were born. Being Harry Potter fans, we finally decided on Moaning Myrtle and Hermione for two girls (known as doelings) and Cedric as a 'back up' name in case one of them happened to be a boy (known as a buckling). After their births, we inspected each one for health and sex. After looking over both little balls of legs and fur we discovered that our first-time mama had spent the last few months cooking up TWO little bucklings!

Keeping with our Harry Potter theme we dubbed them Cedric and Snape. Though they were not what we were expecting, that last several months of watching them grow and develop into two young bucks has been a joy to everyone of the farm. It seems like only yesterday that they both fit easily in our arms!

So, what is in store for the future of our young bucks?

Both of these boys will be sold to loving Mini Nubian goat herds where they will sire their own beautiful little babies. We are currently seeking interested herders. As Purebred Mini Nubians from good milking does, they are a genetic treasure to the growing community of Mini Nubian goat herds in Central California. Mini Nubians are a new experimental breed of dairy goats so the desirable traits of the breed become more pronounced with each generation, finally resulting in a Purebred. As Purebred Mini Nubians, Cedric and Snape will make kids who display the best traits that Mini Nubians have to offer.

What's so great about Mini Nubians?

The genetic blend of Nubians and Nigerian Dwarves creates a dairy goat that produces a higher volume of milk like a Nubian but with the rich butter fat of a Nigerian Dwarf. This means milk that is great for making cheese (and boy, do we make cheese!). Mini Nubians are also about half the size of their 200 lb Nubian relatives, making them much easier to handle, house, and feed. In fact, Mini Nubians typically yield about three quarters of the milk volume of a Nubian but on about half of the feed.

When are the next kids coming?

This year, Sophie is taking a break from making kids but we plan to continue growing our herd of Mini Nubian dairy goats courtesy of Sophie's mother, Emma. We are hoping that this year Emma will give us some more wonderful Mini Nubian does just like her daughter Sophie. Who knows, in April 2018 Cedric and Snape may have new aunties named Hermione, Moaning Myrtle (A.K.A. bleating Myrtle), and maybe even a Luna! Bucklings or Doelings, we are all looking forward to enjoying some baby goats on the farm again.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Mini Nubian bucks or pre-ordering one of our kids for Spring 2018, please contact us.

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