What can YOU do to support the food system and your own wellness?

I recently began a course on Functional Nutrition. The foundation of Functional Medicine is looking at the person as a whole, all the systems in the body working together tell a story. If a person is suffering from migraines, for example, functional medicine will get to the root cause, not just the symptom, the migraine. So what is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to our health? Yep, you guessed it: our food! We should always start with the highest quality food sourced possible to give our bodies what we need to feed, nourish, repair, and sustain. When the body has the right fuel then we can work on any other issues that may be present.

Story of Sustainable Food Systems 

Our ancestors partook in sustainability before the term was mainstream. They were working with nature not against it. They planted what they needed and what they could share. They used their land to feed their animals, letting them roam between the rows and dine on the cover crops where they pooped and nourished the soil. They bartered or sold their produce to other local community members that grew, canned, or made what they didn’t. There was a strong sense of community and equality. Unfortunately, our recent shift to conventional large-scale farming ton increase yield and profit created imbalances that cause disease, poverty, and inequality.

Dare 2 Dream Farms cultivates many of the old, sustainable practices. What is sustainable now is actually regenerative. In many areas, we need to regenerate the practices of old not just sustain. I am a HUGE fan of the biodynamic, regenerative farming practices that Megan and Jeremy use and teach on their farm. They go that extra mile to be good stewards of the land. They inspire many of our local farmers to do the same. We all love our local, non-GMO, organic, biodynamically grown food but is there something else that can and should be done to protect the planet and our food source for the future?

What Can WE Do?