Chard Stalk Hummus from The CSA Cookbook by Linda Ly

We currently have not one... but two... PANS of swiss chard in our refrigerator. In our "waste not, want not" farmhouse kitchen, any plants that get pulled out from the garden must have a purpose, whether it's to fill our fridge or feed the chickens or goats. But swiss chard has so many uses! And this Chard Stalk Hummus recipe by Linda Ly is definitely a useful one to have around for chard because it uses up the stalks that would normally be too tough to eat with the greens into a useful, and honestly quite delicious, dip.

The flavor of this hummus, compared to a chickpea hummus, is much more akin to baba ganoush. It makes an excellent side dish for raw veggies, pita bread or chips, or as a spread on fresh bread or sandwiches. What's so great about this recipe? Well, first, there's not much to it, so you may have everything you need already! Secondly, you can whip it up in about 15 minutes, with easy clean up. And lastly, instead of chard stalks in your compost, you'll have hummus in your fridge: a perfect "waste not, want not" recipe, if you ask me.


  • 2 cups chopped chard stalks