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The Lodge Chicken Coop


The Lodge Chicken Coop is our largest coop designed to house and protect up to twelve backyard chickens. Made with all-natural building materials, this adorably walk-in rustic chicken home features all the accommodations of a standard sized coop.  Pair it with the 6' high matching Lodge Run to give your chickens a safe enclosed space to forage and play during the day.

Dimensions & Features

Coop Footprint: 4' x 6'

Run (Optional): 4' x 6' up to 10' x 10'

Coop Height: 7'

Run Height: 6' 2"

2 Roosts: 2" x 3" x Coop Length

4 Nesting Boxes


  • Laminated floor for easy cleaning

  • Premium Hardware and Hinges

  • Two sliding vinyl windows with screens for maximum ventilation

  • Handcrafted with solid redwood framing

  • Redwood lumber for all ground contact to prevent rot and insects

  • 1/2 inch steel hardware cloth

  • Human height doors provide ease for coop maintenance and access to refill feed and water

  • ​Pulley system to easily open and close pop-door for chickens to access the enclosed run

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