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Mar 25

here's the explanation of the pictures of Dory


Edited: Mar 25

I'm not a bird person at all but Dory I'm pretty sure is only a baby and she thinks I'm her mom. She spends most her time at my feet or on my lap. She's scared of her own shadow. She doesn't know how to fly to roost or get away from the cats. This is my grandmother's chicken that she acquired as a bonus chicken at an auction. To help Dory survive without my help could someone please look at the pictures I've posted of Dory and tell me anything you might know about her.

She looks to be about 3 months old based on her size, feathering and comb development. Some chickens do get very attached to humans if they have a hard time integrating with the other hens. You can try separating her out with just one other docile chicken and allow them to form a bond, and then integrate those two as a pair back into the flock.

Thank you so much she seems to be adjusting alright

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  • Hello all! We are newer to the central coast; transplants from WI. The house we purchased came with a very sturdy coop and enclosed run about 10x12' in total size. My parents raised meat and laying chickens, so I understand the basics of their care. But, it was a different climate in the upper midwest. We are going to start with full-size chickens instead of chicks. Two questions - 1. How many chickens would be a good fit for a 10x12' coop? 2. What advice do you for a newby?
  • I just put a chick under my favorite hen two days ago (from hatchery,i dont have a rooster ) , i have them separated with wire from the other hens, she has been bringing her out to scratch ,etc. When is a good age to remove the wire and let them join the others ? She is very protective of her chick! Even puffs up and sounds like a raptor to me !
  • Hi, I live in Los Angeles (so no frostbite risk) and I noticed that one of my rhode island reds has some dark purple on her comb. The problem is that I don't know if she had this darkness before or not. I don't think so but not sure. She's eating and hanging out fairly normal. The only difference in behavior is that she the last week or so she has been sitting a lot like she laying. They were dewormed about six weeks ago. Should I be concerned? Any input would be appreciated.
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