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Feb 26, 2018

Flying Chickens


I'm planning for our first flock and reading everything I can about them. I just watched a video on You Tube with chickens flying all over the place. Do you recommend clipping their wings? I have selected breeds that should do well in our environment but I never thought about them flying away!

Feb 26, 2018

Hey Joan! Welcome to the forum! Most chicken breeds kept in a backyard flock don't really fly. Their wings aren't very long, and their bodies are heavy. However, they can still use their wings to jump really high. So, if the fences for their enclosure are low, and uncovered, say 4 feet or lower, then you can trim their wings to prevent them from jumping up and over. It's completely painless for them when done right, like trimming fingernails. Lots of people prefer to clip just one side instead of both, as the chicken can still use their wings to get away from predators, but without one side, it simply turns them around. That choice is up to you. Here is a good diagram for you when it comes time to do it:


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  • Hello, I have enjoyed my hens and coop from Dare 2 Dream since 2017. They are nice egg-layers as well. I am concerned about Goldie, the sex-link, who just sits on her hocks most of the day. She will take a few steps and then sit down and does not go up/down the ramp. She was getting picked on, so now she is separated and is brought in to the house at night. She is skinny despite eating. I am providing TLC and after a month, brought her to the vet. He really couldn't tell what was wrong with her w/o blood work and scans. Her poop tested normal and she does not have lice or mites. I added B complex to her diet a few days ago. Do you have any idea what this could be? Thank you for your knowledge.
  • Hello all! We are newer to the central coast; transplants from WI. The house we purchased came with a very sturdy coop and enclosed run about 10x12' in total size. My parents raised meat and laying chickens, so I understand the basics of their care. But, it was a different climate in the upper midwest. We are going to start with full-size chickens instead of chicks. Two questions - 1. How many chickens would be a good fit for a 10x12' coop? 2. What advice do you for a newby?
  • I just put a chick under my favorite hen two days ago (from hatchery,i dont have a rooster ) , i have them separated with wire from the other hens, she has been bringing her out to scratch ,etc. When is a good age to remove the wire and let them join the others ? She is very protective of her chick! Even puffs up and sounds like a raptor to me !
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