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Nov 19, 2018

Beautiful Roo looking for a home


We have a very friendly Black French Copper Maran Rooster looking for a home. He is about 6 months old and his sister lays dark chocolate eggs. We live on a property in Santa Barbara that is too near our neighbors for us to be able to keep him. We would love to find a home for him where he can live out life.


Thank you!





i might be interrested. Does he crow all the time? I know some crow more than others. I have 7 acres.

Where are you located. I have Black French Maran pullets with no rooster.

My French Favorelles have a gorgeous tame rooster .... chicken areas are well separated and far apart. 1/4 mile. Would be interested

Just saw you live in SB. We live in Somis. ...adjacent to Canarillo

Hi, Sorry I took so long to reply. He found a home a while back and is living the good life in Winchester Canyon.


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