The Durango Chicken Coop


The Durango Chicken Coop is our smallest coop designed to house and protect two backyard chickens. Made with all-natural building materials, this adorably rustic chicken home features all the accommodations of a standard sized coop. Pair it with our Durango Chicken Run to give your chickens a safe enclosed space to forage and play during the day. For easier cleaning and more run space for your chickens, choose the raised version of the Durango.

Dimensions & Features

Coop Footprint: 3' x 3'

Runs (Optional): 3' x 3' up to 3' x 9'

Standard Durango Coop Height: 3'

Raised Durango Coop Height: 4.5'

Roost: 2" x 2" x 3'

Nesting Boxes: 2 boxes at 1 cubic foot


  • Solid redwood framing and siding

  • Cedar shake roof

  • Tall coop and run doors provide for ease of coop maintenance

  • Drop-down nesting box door for easy egg collection

  • Sliding pop door for chicken access between coop and run, with pulley system to close and open

  • Decorative ventilation holes lined with 1/2 inch steel hardware cloth to keep pests out

  • Premium hardware and hinges to keep out predators

  • Solid redwood run with 1/2 inch steel hardware cloth

SERVICES (Not Currently Available due to COVID-19)

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