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The Durango Chicken Coop


The Durango Chicken Coop is our smallest coop designed to house and protect two to four backyard chickens. Made with sustainably forested redwood sourced Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, CA, this adorably rustic chicken home features all the accommodations of a standard sized coop. Pair it with our Durango Chicken Run to give your chickens a safe enclosed space to forage and play during the day. For easier cleaning and more run space for your chickens, choose the raised version of the Durango.

Dimensions & Features

Coop Footprint: 3' x 3'

Runs (Optional): 3' x 3' up to 3' x 9'

Standard Durango Coop Height: 3'

Raised Durango Coop Height: 4.5'

Roost: 2" x 2" x 3'

Nesting Boxes: 2 boxes at 1 cubic foot


  • Solid sustainably sourced redwood framing and siding

  • Cedar shake roof

  • Assembled with Galvanized nails and deck screws to ensure a long life.

  • Tall coop and run doors provide for ease of coop maintenance

  • Drop-down nesting box door for easy egg collection

  • Sliding pop door for chicken access between coop and run, with pulley system to close and open

  • Decorative ventilation holes lined with 1/2 inch galvanized hardware cloth to keep pests out

  • Premium powder coated hardware and hinges to keep out predators

  • Solid 2"x2" redwood framed run with 1/2 inch galvanized hardware cloth

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