Calm, Friendly, Intelligent

Recognized Color Varieties

Single Variety

Breed Traits

Welsummers exhibit single medium combs and wattles, large reddish bay eyes, golden or copper neck feathers, a chestnut red breast, a reddish brown back with each feather stippled with black,a black tail edged with brown, and bright yellow legs. They are known for laying a darker brown egg shell, leaning towards a red brown hue; however many Welsummers lay a lighter brown egg with dark brown speckles. 

Breed History

This Dutch breed was named for the village of Welsum in Holland where it was developed using Partridge varieties of the Cochin, Wyandotte and Leghorn. They were coveted for their large brown eggs and were exported to England. They weren't accepted into the American Poultry Association until 1991. 

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production

Decent: Approx 180

Egg Size


Egg Color

Dark Brown

Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




American Poultry Association


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