Rhode Island Reds
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Eggs: Excellent Layers of Large Brown Eggs

Temperament: Friendly

American Livestock Breeds Conservation Status: Recovering

Class: American

Rhode Island Reds are a favorite among backyard chicken owners because of their ideal combination of high production, tolerant nature, and friendly personality. Although the breed used to be very red, the modern breed of Rhode Island Reds is more of a deep reddish brown with a small bit of black feathering. It has bright red eyes, a single comb, and bright yellow legs. These birds are heat and cold tolerant, and they will generally adapt themselves to any home they are given, making them a perfect breed for beginners.

Personality: Reds are friendly and calm birds with a lot of personality. They are inquisitive, fairly smart, and tend to be very aware of their surroundings.

Eggs: Rhode Island Reds are reliable producers as they rarely go broody. They are excellent layers of large brown eggs (approximately 260 eggs per year).