Plymouth Rocks
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Eggs: Excellent Layers of Large Brown Eggs

Temperament: Very Friendly

American Livestock Breeds Conservation Status: Recovering

Class: American

Recognized Color Varieties:

Our favorite standard breed, the Barred Plymouth Rock, Barred Rock for short, is distinguished by the black and white pattern that forms lines, or bars, through their feathers. However the Plymouth Rock comes in many varietals other than the Barred pattern. They are large and heavy with proportionate features, making them beautiful birds. Their bright red single comb and wattles provide great contrast to their feathers. Mated with a Rhode Island Red rooster, a Barred Rock hen's hatching eggs will produce Black Sex-Links.

Personality: Barred Rocks are incredibly pleasant birds to have in your flock. They are very smart, docile, and happy to be handled. The breed is content with confinement and very cold-hardy which makes them great for a small farm or backyard flock. Most importantly, they are friendly birds and are easily integrated into the family as pets. This is a great bird to have around children.

Eggs: These hens are very good layers of large, light brown eggs (approximately 240 eggs per year).They are seldom broody, which makes them dependable layers, but not ideal for naturally hatching off chicks of their own.