O U R   P A C K A G E S


Begin with one of our packages to ensure that you and your new coop-mates get off to a great start with backyard chicken keeping. All of our packages are specialized to include the appropriate feeder, waterer, and feed for the ages you're starting with. 

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Brooder Packages

Raising chicks in a brooder is an excellent way to share the joy of beginning a new flock; especially with your family or with your school. Although they take a longer to reach laying age (5-7 months depending on the breed) and require a little more work, this age is the most wonderful for one-on-one interaction between young children and chicks and provides a wonderful learning and bonding experience for everyone.

Coop-Ready Packages

Forming a bond with your chicks at a young age is rewarding; but not everyone has the space or time to raise chicks in a brooder box. Fortunately, raising chicks that have just become coop-ready still allows you enough time to easily form that bond. Chicks are fully feathered between 6-8 weeks of age and can go directly into the coop. They are very impressionable with children and adults alike. Plus, you can start with feeders and waterers that will still work when they're full-grown so you don't have to purchase two sets. 

Started Pullets Package

Are you anxious to taste your first backyard chicken eggs? We were too when we first started! Although started pullets take a little more time to form a bond, all is not lost and you'll find they are intelligent and trainable just like any other pets with consistency, time, and treats. (Food is the way to their hearts!) These girls are coop-ready and will begin to lay eggs within 2-4 months depending on the breed and time of year.