Hawks are endangered and protected, but are one of the most vicious predators from the sky.

Hawks are strong birds and capable of carrying off even full grown chickens with their mighty talons and their momentous swoop. Hawks can only carry off one bird at a time but will leave nary a trace besides a tuft of feathers which explode on impact. 

These majestic and beautiful birds will attack only from the sky. Their biggest deterrents are your presence, low lying brush and trees, and a covered area for your chickens to forage in. Covering the top of your enclosed chicken run will keep your chickens safe while you are not around to supervise them.

They are protected federally so harming them in any way is illegal and punishable by law. Because our chickens are completely free range, we run the risk of losing chickens to the many hawks that abide in our canyon; but that's the circle of life! Mostly they hang out in the wooded areas by the creek and up in the hillside underneath the cover of trees and brush to stay protected. Our presence while we are outside farming generally keeps the hawks at bay as well.