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Eggs: Not a good layer, cream eggs

Temperament: Friendly

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Status: Threatened
Class: Continental (French)
APA Recognized Color Varieties:

Non-Recognized Color Varieties:

Faverolles were created in the communities of Faverolle and Houdan in northern France in mid-1800 and their development is directly tied to their ability to lay eggs. They were created for increased egg production and meat, and became popular because they adapted to life in battery-type cages.

Traits: Faverolles have a unique collection of odd physical traits from their different forebears: white skin, white legs, face muffling, beard, feathered feet, and five toes. They also have a single comb – which is not commonly paired with face muffling. They are known for having the tête de hibou, or “head of an howl.”

Personality: These birds are extremely calm, easy to handle, and friendly; but because they are so sweet, they tend to get bullied. They go well in flocks of only Faverolles or grouped with other gentle breeds.

Production: Faverolles only produce a few small light brown or cream colored eggs per week, and only around 100 per year.