Easter Eggers
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Eggs: Good layer, colored eggs
Temperament: Friendly
This is not a recognized breed by the American Poultry Association.
See also: Ameraucana and Araucana

Easter Eggers are the offspring of Ameraucanas that do not breed true; and therefore Easter Eggers cannot be classified as Ameraucanas since they do not meet all the Standards of Perfection for the Ameraucana breed. Because they are not a true breed it is difficult to classify their traits, personality, and egg laying ability. The majority of them have slate colored legs, ear muffs, and often a beard. They come in all different color varieties. 

Personality: These hens are active and friendly. They love to forage and roam, but also do well in confinement. 

Eggs: Easter Eggers are good or excellent layers of beautiful blue, green, blue-green, or pink